Vídeo explicativo sobre Interrupção Voluntária da Gravidez

A SPDC, com o apoio da ESC, colaborou num trabalho internacional sobre a divulgação de informação sobre a Interrupção Voluntária da Gravidez em jovens. Trata-se de um filme que foi produzido e traduzido em quatro línguas. A versao portuguesa foi adaptada à legislação nacional e contém informação sobre as várias etapas da Interrupção Voluntária da Gravidez.

New IPPF Statement on EC

The International Medical Advisory Panel (IMAP) of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), just published its new Statement on emergency contraception (EC). This document offers guidance for health care providers to strengthen the provision of EC services according to the latest research, experiences and international recommendations. While the Statement is primarily intended to inform IPPF Member Associations, it also provides clarity on IPPF’s position with regard to EC, and can be a useful tool for other organizations, activists, researchers, and policy and decision makers working on EC.

IMAP Statement on emergency contraception

This statement
has been prepared by the International Medical Advisory Panel (IMAP) and was approved in November 2017.

Emergency contraception (EC) refers to any contraceptive method that can be used after having unprotected or inadequately protected sexual intercourse (UPSI) but before pregnancy occurs, providing women with the opportunity to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. EC is a safe and effective method for preventing unwanted pregnancy and can reduce the risk of pregnancy by up to 99%.

Contraception Atlas 2018

The European Parliamentary Forum on Population & Development (EPF) launches the Contraception Atlas 2018. In this second edition, the Atlas tracks government policies on a) access to contraceptive methods, b) family planning counselling and c) provision of online information on contraception, in 46 European states.

13th FIAPAC Conference

Realiza-se, nos dias 14 e 15 de setembro de 2018, em Nantes, França, a 13th FIAPAC Conference, subordinada ao tema "Liberating women - Removing barriers and increasing access to safe abortion care".

Mais informação aqui. Consultar o pdf da iniciativa aqui.